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Legal Fees Explained

Usman & Partners, as an advocate firm, charges its clients based on several factors that are taken into consideration. These factors include:

1. Importance of the Matter to the Client: The significance of the case or matter to the client plays a role in determining the fees. If the case is of high importance or has significant implications for the client, it may result in higher fees.

2. Skill, Labour, and Specialized Knowledge: The level of expertise and specialized knowledge required by the advocate to handle the case is considered. If a case demands a high level of skill, labor, or specialized knowledge, it may result in higher fees.

3. Responsibility Involved: The level of responsibility borne by the advocate in handling the case is also a factor in determining the fees. Cases that require the advocate to take on greater responsibility may result in higher fees.

4. Complexity of the Matter or Novelty of the Question: The complexity of the legal matter or the novelty of the legal question raised affects the fees charged. More complex or unique cases may require additional time and effort, resulting in higher fees.

5. Involvement of Money or Property: If the case involves a significant amount of money or property, the fees may be determined in relation to the amount or value of the money or property at stake.

6. Time Expended by the Advocate: The amount of time expended by the advocate in handling the case is considered. Longer and more time-consuming cases may result in higher fees.

7. Preparation and Review of Documents: The number and importance of documents prepared or reviewed by the advocate are taken into account. Even if the documents are not lengthy, their importance and significance in the case may impact the fees.

8. Place and Circumstances of Service: The location where the service or business is rendered or transacted is considered. Different locations may have varying cost structures, which can influence the fees charged.

It's important to note that Usman & Partners may also have the discretion to adopt scale fees or part thereof prescribed under the Sixteenth Schedule for non-contentious works that are not covered by the First to Fifteenth Schedule. This provides flexibility in determining fees for certain types of work.

The specific fee structure and rates used by Usman & Partners may vary depending on the circumstances and the type of legal services provided. It is recommended to consult directly with Usman & Partners to obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding their fee arrangements.

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