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Who Can Attest Documents in Sabah

In Sabah, Malaysia, documents can be attested by various authorized individuals and entities, depending on the type of document and the level of authentication required. Here are some common options for document attestation in Sabah:

1. **Notary Public:** Notary publics are authorized to attest and certify various legal documents. They can provide official verification of signatures, identities, and other details on documents.

2. **Commissioner for Oaths:** Commissioners for oaths are authorized to administer oaths, affirmations, and affidavits. They can attest to the authenticity of documents and the truthfulness of statements.

3. **Embassy or Consulate:** If you need international authentication, such as for documents to be used abroad, you might need to get your documents attested by the relevant embassy or consulate of the destination country.

4. **Government Departments:** Depending on the nature of the document, you might need to have it attested by a specific government department or agency. For example, educational certificates might need to be attested by the Ministry of Education; verification of Identification Card might need to be attested by the National Registration Department (JPN).

5. **Professional Associations:** Certain professional associations or licensing bodies might be authorized to attest documents related to their respective fields. For example, a medical association might attest medical certificates.

6. **Legal Practitioners:** Lawyers and legal practitioners might be able to provide attestation services for legal documents and contracts.

7. **Chamber of Commerce:** For business-related documents, the local Chamber of Commerce might provide attestation services, particularly for commercial documents like certificates of origin.

When getting your documents attested, make sure to inquire about the specific requirements and procedures for the type of document you need attested. The cost and process can vary depending on the document and the authority attesting it. Always ensure that you're working with authorized individuals or entities to ensure the validity of the attestation.

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