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(21 November 2015)

Man freed from gang robbery charge, accessed at

(28 November 2015)

Dua lelaki lega bebas tuduhan rompak berkumpulan bersenjata, accessed at

(5 March 2016)

Charged with raping sister-in-law, accessed at

(5 March 2016)

Duo deny rape charges, accessed at

(Safrah Mat Salleh, 6 May 2016)

Man denies raping his 13-year-old daughter, accessed at

(25 March 2017)

Fake MyPR lands illegal in jail, accessed at

(7 June 2017)

Catamaran tragedy: Trial of accused postponed, accessed at

(7 June 2017)

Catamaran tragedy: Trio’s trial deferred to August 7-11, accessed at

(Safrah Mat Salleh, 20 September 2017)

Boat license named Leong as skipper, court told, accessed at

(Safrah Mat Salleh, 21 September 2017)

Employee says named as director but never paid, accessed at

(Safrah Mat Salleh, 2 November 2017)

Stepfather jailed 15 years, fined for biting, slapping child, accessed at

(31 January 2018)

Catamaran did not have communication device – witness, accessed at

(1 February 2018)

It was raining when catamaran tragedy occurred – witness, accessed at

(2 March 2018)

One catamaran victim suffered dehydration, second degree skin burns – Doctor, accessed at

(18 July 2018)

Three in Sabah catamaran tragedy to enter defence from Aug 27 to 30, accessed at

(28 August 2018)

Lelaki tempatan bebas tuduhan miliki anggota badan hidupan liar, accessed at

(Safrah Mat Salleh, 27 September 2018)

Capsized catamaran in good condition, says skipper, accessed at

(27 March 2019)

Sexual assault: Man to know fate April 26, accessed at

(3 April 2019)

Curi wang RM2,100, warga asing dipenjara 14 bulan, accessed at

(23 April 2019)

Dera anak: Hukuman terhadap ibu dikurang kepada dua tahun, accessed at

(13 May 2019)

Lelaki bebas tuduhan lakukan seksual terhadap remaja, accessed at

(Neil Brian Joseph, 12 June 2019)

Couple in Api-Api assault case comes forward to tell the truth, accessed at

(2 August 2019)

Lelaki lega bebas tuduhan miliki dadah, accessed at

(8 April 2020)

Three months’ community service for violating MCO, accessed at

(5 June 2020)

Filipino’s jail term over love bites on girl reduced, but two lashes stay, accessed at

Local denies two cheating charges, accessed at


(Stephanie Lee, 31 Oct 2018)

Sabah Education Dept is investigating ‘truant’ teacher being sued, accessed at


(22 October 2011)

12 women lawyers admitted to Sabah Bar, accessed at

(15 July 2019)

New SLS president pledges to complete unfinished business, accessed at

(8 October 2019)

Sabah lawyers want answers over discharge for accused in child sex offence case, accessed at

(9 October 2019)

Law society asks why child abuse case dropped, accessed at

(22 March 2020)

Remembering Sabah’s undocumented in a panicked Malaysia – Villa Somiah, Michelle R. Usman and Anne Baltazar, accessed at

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