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All passengers had their own seat and no one was standing: Skipper

Kota Kinabalu: The court heard that the catamaran involved in the Pulau Mengalum tragedy could accommodate a total of 28 passengers.Skipper Sharezza Salian, 26, who testified before Sessions Court Judge Noorhafizah Mohd Salim, said all the passengers have their own seat and confirmed no one was standing.

He was on trial together with operator Leong Vin Jee, 44, his mother Chung Ket Siew @ Chung Siaw Ping, 64, whose name appears on the company licence.

The tragedy resulted in the death of four Chinese tourists with five more missing to date.

Sharreza said he was not sure whether 23 of the passengers were from Chau Nature and the rest under Mr Impression.

(26 September 2018)

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